Platform Update: January 2024

From Universal Music pulling out of TikTok to new and improved safety features on Instagram, check out the latest updates across the social scene from January.

It’s safe to say the first month of 2024 has packed a punch across the social landscape! Check out all the exciting updates below.

The world’s biggest music company, Universal Music Group, has removed its whole catalogue of music from TikTok now that their licensing deal has expired. UMG represents some of the world’s biggest artists, such as Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Drake, Adele, Bad Bunny and Billie Eilish, so the announcement that it had not agreed to the terms of a new deal with TikTok may come as quite a shock to some. So what’s the future of music on TikTok? Watch this space…

LinkedIn has rolled out a cool new ad feature, with sponsored posts now available to all users. Company pages can promote their articles for increased awareness, engagement, and lead generation. For maximum content performance, users can even add a CTA to their post, such as “Unlock Article”, prompting users to sign up to read the rest.

Instagram is prioritising mental health with a raft of new safety features to help protect younger users and limit exposure to potentially harmful content. These features include expanded content restrictions and nighttime nudges, which prompt teen users to put their phones down late at night and focus on getting enough sleep.

Meta is providing better ways for agencies to handle their talent at scale. Through enhanced creator management tools, agencies will have improved access to analytics, profile tools, earnings insights, and plenty more. These improved tools are designed to simplify talent management across Meta’s apps, streamlining business partnerships and maximising creator opportunities.

TikTok is testing another generative AI feature, this time allowing users to generate original music using text prompts to accompany their videos. This is a huge move for the platform and points to yet another area of AI development we think we’ll be seeing a lot more of.

X has added to its catalogue of ad options, with marketers now able to target X Premium subscribers specifically with their ad campaigns. This could offer more value for brands looking to reach active spenders in the app and maximise potential conversions.

That’s all for January! Keep an eye out for February’s top trends and in the meantime, get in touch to find out how we can help you create content that stands out.