Spotlight: Designer

Here’s the latest in our Spotlight series, where we delve a little deeper into the roles of the amazing people in our business. Next up is Toby, one of our talented designers, and a master of illustration. He talks about life at The Online Studio, how he finds design inspiration, and reveals his favourite projects to work on.

Hi Toby! Thank you for taking the time away from the wacom to talk to me – why don’t we start with a short intro about yourself? 

Hello! Well, I am a Midweight Graphic Designer and Illustrator here at The Online Studio. I have been working here for over 3 years now. I’d definitely say I am an Illustrator before I am a designer. I have been drawing since I could hold a pen! 

So, what does a normal day look like for you at The Online Studio?

A normal day at The Online Studio consists of me opening up my laptop and checking out the board of projects I have been assigned for the day. I then prioritise the work that’s due first and get to work on it. That means I would spend time reading the clients brief thoroughly and working out what they envision for a project and look through all the assets and style guides they’ve provided us. Sometimes the brief is a lot trickier than others which means that I would have to spend more time thinking about how the layouts and designs would look. This could be me doodling on a piece of paper or gathering up design inspiration. However, some of the time it’s a ‘straight-shoot’ project, where I have been provided everything I need and a strict style guide to stick to. One thing I really enjoy about being an Illustrator at OLS, is that when I am working on a project that has little to no assets provided, I am able to add Illustration to really elevate the project. Making the project a little more bespoke and interesting. This could look like an Illustrated flower wrapped around a perfume product or small Illustrations that nod to the theme of the project, such as adding spooky faces and pumpkins for a halloween – theme. This really makes the design a lot more attention grabbing, which is really our ultimate goal as designers.    

What is your favourite part of being a designer at OLS? 

The wonderful office culture and the fun that we have. When it comes to the work, I’d say it’s most probably being able to work on a large range of diverse projects and with great big name brands. 

How do you like to stay fresh creatively / stay abreast of trends or new skills? 

I actually love to scour through Pinterest, which is a platform we do a lot of work for. There is a ton of design inspiration there that helps completely smash through any creative block I may have. Something as simple as seeing colours you’d never expect to look good together, or inspiration for a typography layout. I love it!

How would you say The Online Studio has changed over your time here?

Well, when I first started we were all in a smaller office and there were only a handful of us and we created design work mainly for Pinterest. Now – although still a tight knit group, there are a lot more of us with different things that we bring to the table and we have a lot more on our client list! So, it’s exciting to see how much we’ve grown and what we have achieved in a short space of time. 

And finally, we’d love to know some of your favourite projects / clients that you have worked on? 

Oh! But there have been so many. I think possibly the work I have done for LA MER over the years. They are a very high-end beauty brand and they always send us the most beautiful assets to work with and the most stunning style guides – especially around the Christmas season. Other than that, I get a kick out of designing anything whimsical. And during the Halloween season, I get to do a lot of that!