Platform Update: October

Social media platforms have been launching lots of new tools and features in 2021, changing the way brands and consumers interact with their platforms. We’ve collated the most important ones over the past month or so. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they might benefit you and your brand.

Update 1: TikTok taking over the world

TikTok lit up the advertising world in October, launching a plethora of new features at their inaugural advertising conference TikTok World. These include Pop-up Showcase, Spark Ads and Dynamic Scene.

These new tools will allow brands to sell products directly from their in-app ad videos and have better-integrated experiences with brand partners/influencers. This, in turn, reduces the distance between discovery and purchase for consumers

For a more detailed look at these and their other new features, read our blog about TikTok world and all its innovations.

Update 2: Reely great news from Instagram for brands

Instagram now allows Reels Ads placements on the platform via the Instagram Marketing API. It is available on all current Marketing API versions and doesn’t require an upgrade. This means it’ll be easier for more brands to create Reels campaigns.

The update to include Reels into the Marketing API will mean brands can now create advertising reels similar to the adverts being created on TikTok.

The loss of IGTV means long-form content isn’t gaining traction with audiences for marketing purposes.

Update 3: LinkedIn officially launches Stories

Filter options accompany the new video rollout on Stories, emoji reactions, and video calls in LinkedIn Messaging. What a way to maximise engagement, ey?!

This creates a direct link for B2B brands and companies to their audience in a way that was hard to do before. It shows LinkedIn’s continued movement to align itself closer to other social media platforms.

Update 4: Pinterest goes further with integration

Pinterest is starting to directly partner with brands to develop shopping integration features using innovative integrated technologies. For instance, Pinners will see recipes and shop the ingredients of their favourite brands directly from Pinterest.

This means a better environment for content creator partnerships and brands and will decrease the time between discovery to purchase for consumers.

For those content creators existing in FMCG, food, and kitchenware, this will create a seamless shopping experience.

Update 5: Snapchat launches Scan for next-level shopping

Snapchat has launched a new shopping experience with ‘Scan’. Essentially it uses AI to scan your surroundings and act as a visual search engine. You’ll also be able to scan and shop photos and videos from the memory tab.

This is a massive push for commerce on Snapchat – brands can reach news audiences more efficiently, partner up with more content creators or set up campaigns that utilise product placement to get better reach/views of their products.

Stay tuned for next month’s update. And, if you’d like to know more about how to leverage these updates for your brand, get in touch.