Platform Update: April

From new ways for brands to sell on Pinterest, to features that can help users engage and interact with your content, we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest recent developments. It’s important for brands to keep on top of what’s going on to help build relationships and maximise their reach on social.

Control+C , Control+V 

Instagram will soon release an editing feature that allows users to replicate Reels formats. The feature will allow users to access a 'Use Template button. 

The button redirects to display the Reel within Instagrams native editing portal where users can then replace the clips with their own content whilst keeping frames, timings, and filters.

Reels, like TikToks, is trend-led, it relies on users adding their own spin or use of a trend into a meme or life hack. Reel Templates leans into this element and allows users who aren’t native to the platform to create high end short form content!

RIP Linktree

Native Links on social platforms boost traffic by easily directing followers to key landing pages/ product shops/ event pages linked to your content. 

Functionally Instagram hasn’t been the most agile platform when it comes to hosting native links on their platform (remember the 10k followers you used to need?) – which is where Linktree used to help! But no more – Instagram is launching a customisable link menu for profiles, the menu will allow users to share up to 7 links including an integrated Facebook profile link. 

Remember to customise native links with CTA’s in order to better drive traffic to your website – for all advice and more get in touch!

And it’s LIVE

Pinterest’s announces ecommerce extension converts products into shoppable Pins

Pinterest announced its latest partnership with ecommerce platform WooCommerce yesterday. The ecommerce extension converts products into shoppable pins letting merchants make their entire product catalogue live on the platform!

The extension automatically updates pricing, product catalogue, and product availability – saving you tons of legwork

The extension is currently live in the UK, US, parts of Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil with access being granted to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Japan later this year.

Launching in 10,9,8...

Twitter is launching a whole range of new ad formats for brands! Engage your audience with Interactive Text, wow with 360 views, and show off your range with Collection ads'.

Interactive Text ads use a bolder, larger font than the standard Twitter timeline. Advertisers customise ads’ landing page, ad copy and the colour of highlighted words.

Whereas Product Explorer offers a virtual browsing experience of your products, something your audience won’t have seen before – a 360 degree view of each item. 

And Lastly, Collection ads' allow you to showcase a range of products through multi-image format. Collections will display a hero product image and up to five small thumbnails, each leading to a different landing page if you so wish.

TikTok becomes interactive

Tiktok has finally launched a whole suite of interactive stickers and features to level up in stream ads. The aim for interactive ads is to improve lower funnel marketing goals such as clicks and conversions. 

The stickers include Gift Code stickers and Voting stickers to drive loyalty and collect feedback from your audience. Use Display cards to highlight important messages and Countdown stickers to hype up upcoming events!

Premium features such as Pop-up Showcase and Super Like 2.0 will be released later on in the year and they will allow participants to click through to purchasing and landing pages. 

For more advice on how to maximise the potential of your TikTok campaign book a meeting with our Client Partnership Director Jess.