Case Studies

OLS x Bay’s Kitchen

We harnessed TikTok trends to help Bay’s Kitchen widen reach and increase conversions for their stir-in sauces.

the brief

Bay’s Kitchen was born out of a desire to create great tasting, convenient food products for people with IBS and other intolerances or preferences such as dairy free or vegan. We were asked to commission creator content and produce TikToks that would raise awareness of the brand’s stir-in sauces, appealing to their core audience.

the objective

Raise awareness of the brand to the TikTok IBS community. With hashtags like #ibs and #ibstok having combined views in the billions, we knew there was a large audience searching for content on the platform. We also needed to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare meals with Bay’s Kitchen stir-in sauces, and how it allows you to enjoy meals that often cause inflammation of symptoms or don’t align with dietary requirements. Performance objectives were set to drive more traffic to the brand’s e-commerce website. 

the challenge

Our aim was to increase reach beyond the client’s core community, and engage with users searching for adjacent topics. We know TikTok is a great place for aiding product discovery if you can tap into trending topics and speak directly to people where they are at in their lives. So in addition to the core concept, we searched for a trending topic that aligned with the brand’s offering that we could build a second concept around. This would allow the brand to widen their reach and raise awareness with a brand new community. 

the result

After hand-picking our Creators for their experience in delivering great content for food brands, we commissioned two key concepts. One was aimed at the brand’s core audience of IBS sufferers and those with specific dietary needs. The second tapped into the current cost of living crisis and those looking for ways to save money on takeaways. We framed Bay’s Kitchen stir-in sauces as the perfect takeaway ‘dupe’, a TikTok trend for affordable alternatives. 

The results were a higher than expected uplift in traffic to the website plus directly attributed sales. What was most interesting was that the TikTok trend led concept delivered twice the amount of sales as the general approach. Which goes to show that knowing your TikTok trends can pay off for brands big time!