Platform Update: November 2023

Platforms are swarming with new AI features, new metrics, and showcases. Check out the key updates from across November.

It’s official, November is up, the Christmas music is on and it’s time for a roundup of the biggest updates across platforms. 

All Meta wants for Christmas is for people to enjoy their new generative AI tools. These tools, once they’re fully up and running, will enable users to create videos and in-stream image edits from text prompts. 

LinkedIn completes our trio of AI updates with a raft of new AI-powered features. These will sift users’ feeds for key ideas from long articles, videos, and posts. The thought is that this will free up time for users to then take useful action.

Over on Instagram, ‘Creators of tomorrow’ was announced, a showcase of top creative talent. The platform hopes to incentivise creator content and strengthen relationships with the creator community, a push that’s happening across all of Meta.

Finally, a nice winter warmer from TikTok, who have announced a new metric. It’s set to measure conversions that happen within seven days of anyone watching an ad for six seconds or more but not clicking. This should shed some light on the relationship between ad exposure and conversion activity, to help optimise future ad strategy.

That’s all for November. But we’ll be back once all the mince pies have been eaten. Get in touch and find out how we can help you create content that stands out.