Platform Update: December

TikTok is testing a repost option, while Insta now has embedded profiles along with customised stickers. Facebook has added some new elements to Creator Studio, including a post preview, and Pinterest has shared new research into the shopping habits of Gen Z.

Love a TikTok? Share it

Retweeting has become second nature for Twitter users, while Instagram’s Regram feature never took off, leaving users to rely on third-party apps in order to share others’ content more widely.

Now TikTok is testing a repost option among some users, which lets them share other people’s TikToks to their own page and followers. The reposted version will also display the original creator’s username, and show any additions made to their original caption.

A repost button could help content go viral – maybe for a second time – and may increase the chance of casual users seeing creator-level engagement.

Embedded Insta profiles are here

It’s time to give your Instagram profile a new lease of life. Instagram has supported photo and video embedding since 2013, but now US users can link to their Instagram profile on third-party sites, through the Profile Embed feature.

This means a scaled-down version of the user’s profile, including their username, follow count and six recent posts can now be embedded onto another website. This provides a greater opportunity for brands to showcase themselves and increase their Instagram following, and to highlight the content of others – encouraging viewers to connect with partner brands, for example.

Add more ‘you’ to your Insta Stories

You can now customize Instagram Links stickers, with a new range of colour options. Along with the blue text option, there’s a black and white version, a transparent option, and an option to choose a tone from the Story colour palette. You can also customise the text to say whatever you want, instead of showing the URL itself.

These updates mean Links stickers can align with with the rest of the Story content, and any brand colours within. And the custom text option not only ensures a cleaner look, but also allows brands to use calls to action (‘shop now’ etc) to increase traffic to other channels.

Give a sneak peek of your Facebook content

Facebook has added some new elements to Creator Studio, including a Stories preview option for video uploads, and a new way to preview how your posted content looks in-stream.

Brands will be able to take a 20-second preview segment from their full video to post as a Facebook and/or Instagram Story. By sharing only a short highlight clip to your story, this will hopefully drive views of your full video clip, a classic case of leaving them wanting more!

Gen Z loves trying new things. Great news for you. 

Pinterest has shared a new research report into the shopping habits of Gen Z, which explores how brands can maximise their product appeal. As the report says, Zoomers – the “first true digital natives” – areless attached to particular brands than previous generations, and they’re far more keen on finding new shiny things that will set them apart.”

The report explains how this generation is 20% more likely than others to try a new product, while its internal data shows that Gen Zers have also purchased 80% more new products in the last 12 months compared to other generations.

The opportunity for brands is clear, if they can get their messaging right. And here’s the incentive to do so: “Brands that connect with Gen Zers may see 14x greater revenue growth opportunity on average with this generation over time versus other generations.”